Other methods of treatment

In addition to the therapeutic pillars of TCM with ear acupuncture, body acupuncture and herbal medicinal therapy and osteopathy in our practice are offered following other therapies. This will give the patient also the opportunity to keep himself healthy. They are carried out by experienced therapists.

Qi Gong, Ms. Marie-Luise Bosch

Qigong is mostly taught in groups, because this mutual connection increases the work with energy. With this method, you learn to exercise and to influence self-energies in your body. In addition to therapeutic aspects Qi Gong helps therefore above all to maintain good health and initialize self-healing.

Feldenkrais, Christoph Maier

Facilitate the daily lives with Feldenkrais

  • Few people feel good in their body.
  • Many sedentary people find that a straight and upright posture feels exhausting.
  • Stiff and rigid posture habits us tired.
  • The result is often tension and pain in your shoulders, neck and back and breathing difficulties, headaches and lack of concentration ..
  • This raises the question of how we can influence our bodies and our sense of mobility? What can we do?

The Feldenkrais Method knows two ways of working:

Single Treatment (Functional Integration)

In the individual treatment, the teacher gives fine touches and moves to the client to perceive the opportunity of realizing where he restricts himself. Discover by gently moving and touching together new possibilities of handling your body, so experiencing a new movement and body image. In the individual treatment, the client learns how to find a more effective way of movement for everyday life.

Group classes (awareness through movement)

In group lessons you will discover small, effortless movements to find your habits with the goal of improved posture and movement way. Simple ingredients such as attention in the movement, sensitivity, diversity, slowness, relaxed handling, imagination and consciousness will change our sense of our own body fundamentally. By focusing your attention on what you are doing, you become movable and vivid.