Svenja Dresen

Svenja Dresen, natural health professional (Member BDHN) and osteopath (Member RoD)

As an osteopath after my education for natural health professional I can look back on five years of intensive training in osteopathy. This I finished with a lot of zeal and passion, so now I think also about having a teaching position next to my work in our ambulance cooperation.
Osteopathy is a treatment method, that is an ideal addition to the acupuncture and reinforce each other. It treats the body as a whole.

Developed by the American doctor Andrew T. Still (1828-1917), the osteopathic based on the following pillars:

Life is movement

Life is movement. Everything flows, pulsates and moves. The heart beat, respiration, the intestine, the fluctuation of the cerebrospinal fluid, the movement of the joints and the blood flow. Where the movement is restricted, illness occurs, no moves is created to death.

Your body is a unit

All parts of your body are related to the fascia (connective tissue), the blood vessels, the nervous system and the hormone transport. Additional the interaction between your body, mind and soul is respected.

Structure and function affect each other

The structure guides the function, for example in the joint: Changes the function (muscle) by an injury, is also changing the structure (bone).

Your body has the ability to heal itself

The Osteopahtie recognizes that a vital force in every human being exists that strives for health and vitality.

The role of blood supply (artery) is in the foreground

Impaired blood flow produces hypoxia and slag production, resulting in a stagnation in the tissues and form edema and inflammation – therefore disease. Wherever the blood can circulate without restriction, there is health.

My work as an osteopath is to locate your dysfunctions, to correct them and thereby allow a free circulation of the respiratory, circulatory, and all other bodily functions.