The diagnosis within the traditional chinese medicine (tcm) is very different from the methods of the standard medicine. Beside the interrogation of the patient, what means discussing of kind and development of disease are important to find out the energetic disturbances. These are damages through

  • wind
  • coldness
  • heat
  • slime
  • repletion
  • depletion

indices for these damages you found by investigation of the pulse and tongue:

diagnosis of pulse:

that for will be measured three locations of the arteria radialis of both wrists. The quality of the pulse of the single location ( e.g. superficial, deep, tense, broad, elusive) give indices about disturbances in the energetic system, which belongs to the single location (e.g. kidney, spleen, liver and so on)

diagnosis of tongue:

The tongue will be evaluated by color, form and fur. Different parts of the tongue point towards different energetic systems of the body.

Because of these examinations one can decide, which points of acupuncture will be chosen for treatment. These examinations will be repeated before every treatment for realizing of changes and developments of the therapy and adapting the treatment to these discoveries.