Chinese medical plants therapy

The Chinese medicinal therapy is one of the pillars of traditional Chinese medicine; they do is similar to the herbal remedies of Western medicine. Also by the burning of witches in Europe in the Middle Ages, however, much knowledge has been lost to our medicinal herbs. In China, more than 2,000 years continuously experience with herbal products was collected. With the use of herbal, Chinese medicines must be taken care of to the origin, quality and pollution. The formulated mixtures of us you get from the pharmacy and in this regard they are verified and secure.

The herbs are selected based on the previously performed Chinese diagnosis. Alongside herbal remedies are also mineral resources and few animal funds used. Neither in Germany and certainly also not in my ambulance remedies are used, derived from protected plants or animals. We also refrain from extracts of feces, urine stains of young boys, etc. The formulated medicine in my practice is thus comparable to the Western herbal medicine. The knowledge of the Chinese medicinal herbs is much more comprehensive and detailed because of this history. As a complement to acupuncture treatment, we therefore use this therapy.

The individual designed herbal mixtures must be boiled as directed and screened. The broth is poured into bottles. You can get a more intense herbal extract to the boil twice or even equal to the pressure cooker. The recipe is usually charged for an application for three weeks. Then it should be checked whether the mixture should be adjusted in accordance with the improved discomfort or changed. The application of these herbal extracts can certainly take place over weeks or months, depending on the development of disease and symptoms.