Despite the continuous advances of conventional medicine and the rapid technical
advances in diagnosis and treatment, conventional medicine comes up to its limits.There remain many chronic illnesses that cannot be conventionally curatively treated and long duration of drug therapyis exposed with its side effects. Many diseases can be suppressed only symptomatically.

TheTraditional Chinese Medicine(TCM) affects and orders the energy systemof the body. The energy can in between be measured and is also under certain conditions even made visible. This energy system is the precondition for the functioning of every cell and body function. As the light bulb needs electricity to light up and the car needs gasoline to drive, so your body needs energy to regenerate and balance disorders, means to cure diseases.

This mechanism is regulated by therapeutic methods of TCM and thus leads yourbody to heal itself. At the same time you can release in your body more energy and even add energywithin certain limits. So not only your symptoms are eliminated, but also your condition will be improved and your health will be stabilized.Therefore theTCM treatment is in addition to the treatment of diseases also a method for strengthening resilience and maintenance of health.