For appointment you can use our receptionists
Tuesday toFriday from 8.00 till 19.00
at telephone number 0049 8661/929464

As each treatment requires its time and we want to avoid stress and waiting times in practice, patients can be treated only with respect to their pre-arranged appointment. We are always ready to meet urgent appointment requests at short notice. Acute symptoms will be treated as soon as possible.

New patients, who had never been in our treatment, require a more detailed examination and therefore more time. In order to continue this schedule without stress it can arise for these patients sometimes long waiting times of several weeks. Here too, however, we are ready to give you an appointment as soon as possible, especially if you are acutely ill.

We ask you to write down the agreed dates carefully and to be in the office punctually.
Not canceled or missed appointments are calculated in the repeated case (as of 2 times missing) regardless of any reason. The cancellation of an agreed appointment is until the day before the treatment easily possible, as many patients who are waiting for an appointment and on our waiting list, will be happy about the award of an appointment.