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On the German Medical Conference in 2003 were set as part of the restructuring of CPE regulations the conditions for obtaining the additional title "Acupuncture". The guidelines of the Medical Council to obtain the additional designation of "acupuncture" demand 200 hours of course content, which is further subdivided:

  • 120-hour course training in theoretical and practical exercises in needle technique and the point locations
  • 60-hour practical acupuncture treatment on patients with supervision by the training officer
  • 20-hour seminars of patient treatment at least with 5 sessions within 24 months.

The training concludes with an examination before the Medical Board.

Distribution of teaching units (TU) for the additional designation acupuncture

A scientific basis of acupuncture
fundamentals of acupuncture within TCM
Implementation of acupuncture treatment
24 units
B classification of the organ systems of the anterior circulation
conception vessel
acupuncture points of the anterior circulation
exercise of treatment
24 units
C classification of organ system of the posterior circulation
governing vessel
acupuncture points of the posterior circulation
exercise of treatment
24 units
D classification of the organ systems of the lateral circulation
acupuncture points of the lateral circulation
extra points
exercise oftreatment
24 units
E treatment concepts including ear acupuncture / microsystems 24 units
F practical acupuncture treatments 60 units 60 units
G Seminars case 20 units 20 units

Course content ear acupuncture

Basic Course / Course 7

This course is regulated in its content by the Medical Association for whole of Germany. It's part of the training for the additional designation "acupuncture" (see above.). It will learn fundamental techniques for finding points of the ear, such RAC-feeling, feeling by pressure, very-point method after Gleditsch. The main point locations of the French and Chinese school are presented and practiced. After that treatment approaches for common diseases will be developed in practice.

Advanced course ear acupuncture

This course reinforces the principles learned in the basic course. It repeats the key points and represents more point locations. With increased knowledge various priorities can be set in therapy. The RAC-feeling as an objective method for finding of the points will be trained under controlled conditions. There is a brief introduction to laser therapy as a treatment option in children. Advanced treatment concepts are discussed for therapy of demanding diseases.

Course for experienced in ear acupuncture

This course requires that the participants gained experience ahead in ear acupuncture. If there are problems of the participants with patients or treatment concepts, they will be discussed. Newly described point locations are presented for discussion. Further possibilities of laser therapy are identified and applied. Real patient cases are presented and discussed in the therapeutic option. RAC-feeling can be practiced.

Course dates for ear acupuncture

Instructor: Dr. Manfred Angermaier 

11.01.2020       lecture "ear acupuncture part 1" at the Technical University of Munich

18.06.2020       lecture "ear acupuncture part 2" at the Techincal University of Munich


Advanced Course ear acupuncture for SMS (Societas Medicinae Sinensis):

21.09.2019 - 22.09.2019  in Hamburg



Baseline studies TU Munich

Master of chinese medicine

from winter semester november 2013, matriculation at TU Munich

20.03.2014       lecture "ear acupuncture part 1"

26.04.2014       lecture "ear acupuncture part 2"

07.02.2015       lecture "ear acupuncture part 1"

02.04.2015       lecture "ear acupuncture part 2"

25.02.2016       lecture "ear acupuncture part 1"

23.04.2016       lecture "ear acupuncture part 2"

09.02.2017       lecture "ear acupuncture part 1"

22.04.2017       lecture "ear acupuncture part 2"

13.01.2018       lecture "ear acupuncture part 1"

10.11.2018        lecture "ear acupuncture part 2"

11.01.2020        lecture "ear acupuncture part1"

18.04.2020        lecture "ear acupuncture part2"