These therapists are the pillars of our practice-cooperation. In the middle you see Angermaier, a specialist in ear acupuncture and TCM and lecturer, to the right of him is his wife Barbara Angermaier, naturopath and specialist in dee ppsychological processes and adviser for stress management, and left Ms. SvenjaDresen, naturopath and osteopath.

Our common aim is to treat your symptoms from a holistic perspective, while also giving concepts in order to maintain your health.

On closer experience of these treatment options, you will also learn the natural laws that govern life. How easy it is for you to maintain your energy, if the relationship between self-responsible lifestyle, healthy eating and the regeneration potential of the own energy system is considered. We consider as our main task to show you this connections. We help you to create an energy balance that you get apparent of the importance of your personal determination. When you are arrived at your destination, you will see yourself and your environment in a different light. You will see that the basic principle of full and healthy life entails respect for nature and the rhythms of life and in particular for the dignity of man.

Our therapies provide an entry into the world of holistic medicine with its unlimited dimensions and starts, not least in the high-quality food with natural kept animals and plants. We manage our own yard in Chiemgau/Bavaria with happy animals and plants for which stress and anxiety are foreign.Because these feelings are forms of energy, which are transmitted to the people along with antibiotic residues in meat or pesticides in vegetables and fruits.