Gain health – keep health

The Chinese medicine with its diagnostic methods

  • individual exploration of the development of disease
  • pulse diagnostic
  • tongue diagnostic

And its ways of treatment

  • ear acupuncture
  • body acupuncture
  • laser therapy
  • Chinese medical plants therapy (phytotherapy)

is able like no other method to experience you as individual human being with your specific personality and help for your welfare or cure your diseases. This is concerning light disturbances of welfare as well as heavy diseases. Light and acute problems are able to be treated quicker, chronic and heavy diseases need a longer space for healing.

With chronic and persistent afflictions of the backbone and musculoskeletal system has proved oneself the unique cooperation between acupuncture and osteopathy. The energy flow, which is blocked by false posture, is able to be solved by osteopathy and leaded and strengthened by acupuncture.

At the same time the responsibility for oneself will be shown at every disease and also possibilities to keep oneself healthy with self healing methods like Qi Gong, Tai Qi and Feldenkrais.

Highest competence by deep founded education and long term experience

As specialist of ear-acupuncture I have written an education book, which is now edited since 1999 in the 5th edition because of its development to a standard book for education. As a member of the examination board of the medical association in Bavaria I am responsible for awarding the designation of acupuncture. Under leadership of Mr. Prof. Dr. Carl-Hermann I am involved in the new university course of traditional Chinese medicine at the technical university of Munich. This is founded on an own 7 year long education in surgery and emergency medicine at a Munich hospital.

For support in treatment of backbone and musculoskeletal system there is also a very experienced osteopath available. She has after 5 years education very successfully finished her examinations after her education as natural health professional.

As well there is the ambulance of my wife connected, who is also working as a natural health professional in the main topics of self experience work, stress-therapy, Bach flowers therapy and also acupuncture.